Two Builders


As well as reading it, we need to do what the Bible tells us.

Bible base:

Matthew 7:24-27. The two house-builders.

You will need:

  • Some signs giving orders, eg ‘Don’t touch – hot’ or ‘Wait for the green man before crossing the road’ etc
  • Two hard hats, such as builders wear
  • Two cheap, identical umbrellas
  • A mist spray bottle, as used for spraying plants
  • You may also want some kitchen roll to mop up the floor or even a paddling pool for the children to stand in!  (But this would be more for effect: they shouldn’t get that wet!)


  • Make the signs as above or write them on acetates.
  • Make a number of holes in one of the umbrellas in such a way that they are not visible until it is opened.



  1. Show the signs.  What would happen if someone read them but then ignored them?
  2. Jesus said that people should not just read the Bible but also should do what it says.


Read the story of the two house-builders from the Bible.  Re-tell the story simply, with two children acting out the parts.

Here are two people, building houses.  (Children choose a hat and umbrella each, and put on hats, leaving their umbrellas to one side.)

They begin by choosing where they will build.  One chooses sandy ground and the other rocky ground. (Children stand slightly in front of the leader.)

They dig and dig and dig. (Mime.)

They build up their houses with bricks. (Mime.)

And finally they have finished their houses.  (Children stand with arms folded.)

But then, the rains begin. (Spray a gentle mist over both builders.)

What will happen? Will the houses keep them dry? (Children put up umbrellas as the ‘rain’ continues.)

Look!  One builder is snug and dry, but the other is still getting wet – the house just isn’t keeping him dry!

The house build on sand was as useless in a storm as the umbrella with holes in it.

Jesus said that it was when the storms came that the difference between the houses was seen – one stood firm and the other fell down.


  1. Draw the parallel between the story Jesus told and the idea of reading the signs and then ignoring them.
  2. God has given us rules to live by and we are like the wise builder if we keep them.
  3. We should read the Bible AND do what it says.


God, you know that it is sometimes hard for us to do what is right.  Please help us to read the Bible and to do what it says.


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