Party time – Wedding in Cana


To show that Jesus enjoyed parties too!

Bible base:

John 2:1-11. The wedding party at Cana.

You will need:

  • Things to set up as if for a party – plates, cups, serviettes, party hats, candles etc – anything you have to make it look different from an ordinary meal.
  • You might want to find some suitable clothes or hats for the children who take part to wear.
  • A modern translation of the bible (Good News Bible or Contemporary English Version)



  1. Tell the children that you are getting ready for something special.  Can they guess what?  What kind of a party might it be?  Has anyone been to a wedding?  Has anyone been a bridesmaid or page boy?  What happens at the party after the wedding?
  2. Read the story from a modern translation of the bible.
  3. Choose helpers to act out the wedding: Jesus, Mary, bride, groom, three servants, head servant.  Re-tell the story, helping the characters to act it out – the action is fairly obvious.


Jesus went to a wedding with his mother and his friends.  It was a lovely party – everyone enjoyed themselves, and everyone was very happy.  But then, oh dear!  Before the party was over, the wine ran out and there was no more to drink.

Jesus’ mother went to talk to him. ‘There is no more wine,’ she said. Then to the servants she said, ‘Do whatever Jesus tells you.’

‘Fill the water jars,’ said Jesus.  So they did. ‘Now, take some to the man in charge of the party.’

The man tasted the drink and looked so pleased. ‘Why, this is the very best wine!’ he said.

Jesus gave the people a very special present and helped them to have a very special party that day!


People sometimes think Jesus must have been a very serious man, but like many of us, he obviously went to and enjoyed parties.


End with a prayer thanking God for parties and other special times.

Song suggestion

Jesus’ love is very wonderful, 139, Junior Praise

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