What are Bible-based assemblies?

Bible-based assemblies are exactly what they say. They are assembly ideas for collective worship, based on Biblical characters and/or truths found in the Bible.

All assemblies have been developed and used by experienced schools workers and have been previously published by Scripture Union.

For more information the following links will be helpful

Regional teams
Scripture Union has seven regional teams to help you in your ministry. Based in the North East & Yorkshire, East, South East South West Midlands and North West of England and in Wales.

Schools page
Working in schools is one of Scripture Union’s main priorities. We aim to do this by equipping and supporting those who work and study in school and to encourage and equip the  church community to get involved in their local schools  Our dedicated team of staff workers, associated workers (supported by local charitable trusts) and a network of volunteers work together to inspire the local school community to have a greater understanding of God through the Bible.

Scripture Union have a range of products that can resource your ministry and help you in your own spiritual journey. You’ll find them all in our shop.

Bible-based resources for Christian groups in schools, and puts a wealth of activities and ideas for your work with children and young people at your fingertips.

Scripture Union
Scripture Union can resource your minsitry in a variety of ways, visit the site to find out more.

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