Using PowerPoint in school Assemblies

Using PowerPoint in school Assemblies

Many school halls are now fully equipped with the latest projectors and sound systems. However, just because the equipment is there, it does not mean you have to use it for your assembly. The real question is, if you do decide to use it, how can you enhance your assembly and make it as memorable as possible.


Here are a few tips that should help.

1. Ask yourself why.

Begin by asking yourself why you want to use PowerPoint or similar presentation software. If it is simply to make the pupils think that Christianity is modern and up to date, then stop. The fact is, PowerPoint has been around for a while now and in some settings has been over used. People have become over familiar with it and can just as easily ignore what is taking place on the screen.

2. It is a tool.

Remember that it is a tool to help the pupils engage with what you are doing. Always start by getting your content right and then consider if using PowerPoint is going to enhance your content or detract from it.

3. Keep it Simple.

One of the dangers is to create very fancy slides that contain too much information. A well selected photo and a few words can be much more effective. Remember some pupils will be visual learners and for them it is true that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words.’ Avoid lots of different fonts and animations as they can be a distraction. Simply having the next item appear is a great way to maintain interest.

4. Check the technology.

Before you set out, make sure you have your presentation in a format that can be used in school. Don’t assume you can just connect your laptop or memory stick to a school network. Arrive in plenty of time to make sure that everything works and any clips or music can be played correctly.

5. Have a plan B.

Always be prepared for the worst case scenario. If the projector stops working, or the sound cannot be heard, or the assembly has had to be moved to another room without a projector, what will you do? Have you got a paper copy of your presentation and notes so that you can at least refer to them?

Written by Geoff Brown, Development Worker (Schools), SU North East & Yorkshire Region.


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