Light – Hallowe’en

This assembly has been included to be used where a positive alternative to Hallowe’en is wanted. It focusses on Jesus the light who has overcome the darkness.


To explain that Jesus is like a light, and that his light never goes out.

Bible base:

John 1:5 and 8:12

You will need:

  • Lots of different sources of light – torch, lamp, match and candle, bicycle light, etc
  • A scarf as a blindfold


1. Set up a simple – and safe! – assault course, eg under a chair and over a low table.

Ask for a volunteer to go through it. When they have done this successfully, ask them to do it again, but blindfold. If they do, guide them carefully and ask at the end how it felt, and which was easier. If they won’t try it blindfold, simply make the point that it can be frightening to have to do things when we can’t see.

2. Talk about how scared people can get in the dark – grown-ups too! – and how even a bit of light helps. Somehow all the things that seem scary at night go away when there is a light on or when it is morning.

People are not frightened of the light. Show the different sorts of lights and talk about where and how they might be used.


1. Jesus said ‘I am the light of the world’.

2. Christians believe that Jesus can help us when we are frightened. The Bible says, ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out’. Jesus is that light which can never be put out.


Ask the children to join in the prayer by saying ‘Help me, please, Jesus’ after you have said ‘Jesus, you’re the Light, so…’

Sometimes it’s dark and I feel alone. But Jesus, you’re the Light, so ‘Help me, please, Jesus.’

Sometimes it’s dark and I feel scared. But Jesus, you’re the Light, so ‘Help me, please, Jesus.’

Sometimes it’s dark and I am frightened by strange noises in the night or by how quiet the house is. But Jesus, you’re the Light, so ‘Help me, please, Jesus.’

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