It’s Your Move

All Change.

The summer term is often overshadowed for many by exams and the knowledge that it is time to move on from the familiar school to a different and sometimes larger establishment. For those moving from primary to secondary school the change comes often with excitement and apprehension. Schools have acknowledged this time of change and often link up with secondary schools for shared visits.

Scripture Union has a long history of working in partnership with churches as they support their local schools during this time. It’s Your Move! is a booklet to be given to each pupil moving to secondary school. It offers plenty of practical advice in an easy to read format. There is useful information about issues young people face, such as, homework, bullying, teachers, and coursework. First published in 2001 it is frequently updated to meet the needs of pupils. This revised edition features all-new real-life story profiles and articles, more interactive elements and an updated design for 2012. It has a more contemporary feel for a new generation of children moving on.

Many churches purchase enough booklets for each pupil moving onto secondary school. If your church is interested in doing this why not check with other churches in the area and the school and work together to provide the support these pupils need. It may be useful to appoint an It’s Your Move! Coordinator to ensure everyone is clear about what is happening and when.. In some areas individuals or teams of local Christians lead assemblies or offer lessons about transition alongside the distribution of the booklets. Students or 6th formers who have finished their exams are great people to take into primary school as they can share recent experiences and answer any questions the pupils may have.

There are lots you can do and you need to be clear before you approach the school about what you are able to offer. If you are interested in finding out more about It’s Your Move! or about partnering with your local school then why not contact your regional team who would be willing to talk to you about this.

To take a look at the new booklet click here.


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