I’m worth it – Easter


To help the children see that God thinks we are special – so special he sent Jesus to die and rise again for us.

Bible base:

Mark 14-16. The Easter story.

You will need:

  • A chocolate egg
  • Atoy baby animal (a lamb, a chick etc)
  • A sticky bun (a hot cross bun if possible)
  • The shape of the cross (cut from paper or a wooden one)
  • The words ‘Empty’ and ‘Risen’ written out on large flashcards
  • Six cards with the letters E A S T E R written on them.
  • ‘God think I’m worth it’ on acetate or paper
  • OHP if using acetate


1. Choose six children to come and stand at the front to help you. Ask the children what they look forward to at Easter time.

Is it the Easter eggs? (Give one of the volunteers the egg to hold up and so on with the following items.)

Or maybe the signs of new life around them, the lambs and chicks? Eating hot cross buns?

2. But Easter for Christians is all about Jesus. They remember how Jesus died on a cross. (Reveal your paper cross and pass it to one of your volunteers.)

3. Jesus was so special that he didn’t stay dead; when his friends went to the cave where they had buried him it was empty. (Child to hold up ‘Empty’ card.)

4. God’s power had brought Jesus back to life, he had risen! (Last child to hold ‘Risen’ card.)

5. Go to each volunteer in turn and replace their item or word with a letter card explaining as you go through:

E – for Easter Egg

A – for animal

S – for sticky bun

T – stands for the shape of the cross

E – for ‘empty’

R – for ‘risen’


1. Talk to the children about how much God must love us if he was prepared to send his son Jesus to die for us.

2. We are worth so much to God – we are all precious to him.

Time to reflect

1. Put up the words ‘God thinks I’m worth it’ on a slide on the OHP or on some paper. Make the three ‘t’s cross shapes.

2. Read the words with the children and ask them to think about them quietly for a few moments.

3. Draw their attention to the crosses and remind the children that they are so special Jesus died for them.


Dear God, thank you that your love for us is so big. Thank you that you never stop loving us. Amen

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